1800 Mechaical Movements Devices and Appliances by G. D. Hishox

By G. D. Hishox

G. D. Hishox 1800 Mechaical pursuits units and Appliances1800 механических подвижных элементов и приборов. 16-е издание. Издается с 1921 г.Схемы механических подвижных устройств и их описание.

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I will not return to a universe of objects that don’t know each other, as if islands were not the lost children of one great continent.  . 11 This philosophy of relations goes by several names. James variously called it neutral monism, radical empiricism, humanism, and pluralism. For present purposes, it may be called pragmatism, as it now most commonly is called, though James’s pragmatism is only the epistemological and methodological branch of a fuller philosophy of relations of which radical empiricism and pluralism are immediate consequences.

It frequently also is the result of a judgment and hard experience about the mismatch between one’s large problems and one’s small powers to address them. And in these cases, dogmatism, arrogance, and resignation are linked to a fourth matter: relative powerlessness, mortality, cultural disenfranchisement, and the absence of one’s voice and one’s will in processes that directly impact one’s own life. Resigning one’s self to the way things are may seem a wholly warranted response when one is powerless to bring about changes.

Accordingly, we live not in a moral universe but, instead, in a social pluriverse of values. 25 By understanding goods as relations, James developed what amounts to a relativity theory in philosophy ahead of relativity theory in physics. Second, each individual has multiple, crisscrossing, conflicting feelings and desires and experiences. The fulfillment or actualization of any one is at once the loss or destruction of other possible goods, other objects of other desires. James wrote that this is a “tragic situation”: “There is always a pinch between the ideal and the actual which can only be got through by leaving part of the ideal behind.

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