2-3 brother trees by Kriegel H. P.

By Kriegel H. P.

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The Tower (Spider World, Book 2)

One of the multitude of tiny lifestyles varieties who percentage our planet, there's one who conjures up worry by way of its mere life. think a global the place such creatures aren't any longer small the place the few final people needs to spend their lives in hiding or turn into servants of that which they such a lot worry: creatures who use their terror-inspiring talents to paralyze the minds of these who may well oppose them.

Fortress Frontier (Shadow Ops, Book 2)

The nice Reawakening didn't come quietly. around the kingdom and in each kingdom, humans started to strengthen terrifying powers—summoning storms, elevating the useless, and atmosphere every little thing they contact ablaze. in a single day the foundations replaced. .. yet now not for everyone.

Colonel Alan Bookbinder is a military bureaucrat whose worst warfare wound is a paper-cut. yet after he develops magical powers, he's torn from every little thing he is familiar with and thrown onto the front-lines. Drafted into the Supernatural Operations Corps in a brand new and unsafe global, Bookbinder reveals himself in charge of ahead working Base Frontier—cut off, surrounded via monsters, and on the point of being overrun.

Now, he needs to locate the desire to guide the folks of FOB Frontier out of hell, no matter if the single desire of salvation lies in teaming up with the fellow whose personal magical powers placed the bottom in such grave possibility within the first place—Oscar Britton, public enemy #1. ..

Earth Logic (Elemental Logic, Book 2)

The second one booklet of Shaftal. the rustic has a ruler back, Karis, a girl who can heal the war-torn land and expel the invaders. yet she lives in obscurity along with her fractious chanced on relatives. With struggle and affliction spreading, Karis needs to act. And whilst Karis acts, the very stones of the earth sit up straight and take become aware of.

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Rejection and despair were the vapors rising from every moldering ruin and shit pile in the Warrens. The abandoned mill here, once used for hulling rice, wasn’t just an empty building the guild could sleep in. It was a sign. Mills on the west shore would be looted by those so desperate they’d break past whatever bashers the mill owners hired. It was all garbage and rejection, and Azoth was part of it. When he got to the guild home, Azoth nodded to the lookout and slipped inside with no attempt at stealth.

I swear the man understands more about running our lands than I do. I’m only a four-day ride away. You have a fine mind, son, and that’s why you have to stay. This city is a vipers’ nest. There are those who would destroy us. Your mother has seen hints of that, and it’s been part of her troubles. I’m gambling with you, Logan. I wish I didn’t have to, but you’re the only piece I have left to play. Surprise them. Be smarter, better, braver, and faster than anyone expects. It’s not a fair burden for me to put on you, but I must.

He was stupid. What had he been thinking? He was going to threaten a wetboy? ” Blint’s open hand cracked across his face and sent him sprawling into the wall. His face scraped against rock and he landed heavily. When he rolled over, Blint was standing over him. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you,” Blint said. Doll Girl. She wasn’t only the answer to Blint’s question, she was Azoth’s weakness. She was where Rat would strike. A wave of nausea swept over Azoth. First Jarl and now Doll Girl.

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