Agent Of The Terran Empire (Ensign Flandry, Book 1) by Poul Anderson

By Poul Anderson

Flandry, the following a captain, undergoes a chain of adventures: he's kidnapped via the Scothians, an alien race hoping to invade the Terran Empire; rescues the Emperor's abducted granddaughter; meets Aycharaych, his nemesis in league with the Merseians; and investigates a formerly unencountered alien race that has invaded the far away colonial international of Vixen.

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A. Powers had fed his own personal physiognomic characteristics into the computer units, so that, buried in the frantic permutation of qualities, his own surfaced and combined … on an average, he had calculated, of once each fifty years per suit, served up and reassembled, given enough time per suit. It was his closest claim to immortality. ” the host said loudly, and there was mass clapping. In his scramble suit, Fred, who was also Robert Arctor, groaned and thought: This is terrible. Once a month an undercover narcotics agent of the county was assigned at random to speak before bubblehead gatherings such as this.

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