American Fairy Tales by L. Frank Baum

By L. Frank Baum

In addition to writing The Wizard of ounces, L Frank Baum additionally wrote many different tales, resembling this glorious choice of fairy stories. nonetheless as stress-free at the present time as after they have been written, this glorious assortment will satisfaction all readers.

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And Gouie swore it by the bones of his grandfather. Then Keo swam to the black one, who clambered upon his back again. In this fashion they came to the bank, where Keo told his mother and all the tribe of the bargain he had made with Gouie, who was to return in a year and a day and become his slave. Therefore the black man was permitted to depart in peace, and once more the Jolly One lived with his own people and was happy. When a year and a day had passed Keo began watching for the return of Gouie; but he did not come, then or ever afterwards.

The three hippopotamuses paused before the cave, with their front feet upon the bank and their bodies in the water, and called in chorus a greeting to Glinkomok. Instantly thereafter the mouth of the cave darkened and the creature glided silently toward them. The hippopotamuses were afraid to look upon it, and bowed their heads between their legs. ” began Uncle Nep; and then he told the story of Keo’s capture, and how he had promised to return to the black man. “He must keep his promise,” said the creature, in a voice that sounded like a sigh.

Demanded a blue jay, angrily, while the others stopped their songs. “Because I find the woman considers you her property, and your loss has caused her much unhappiness,” answered Popopo. “But remember how unhappy we were in her glass case,” said a robin redbreast, gravely. “And as for being her property, you are a knook, and the natural guardian of all birds; so you know that Nature created us free. ” Popopo was puzzled. ” exclaimed the blue jay, “we cannot be shot now, for we are stuffed. Indeed, two men fired several shots at us this morning, but the bullets only ruffled our feathers and buried themselves in our stuffing.

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