America's First Settlements by Linda Thompson

By Linda Thompson

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Only free men more than 17 years old could vote for the burgesses. Patrick Henry Treason speech before the House of Burgesses. 39 The Massachusetts colony also took important steps toward democracy. S. Constitution. The Plymouth Colony’s General Fundamentals called for annual elections and specified that anyone accused of a crime must be tried by a jury. Also, no colonists would be taxed without being represented in the government. The Massachusetts Body of Liberties, adopted in 1641, also said that people should not have to incriminate themselves and that nobody would be deprived of life, liberty, or property except by due process of law.

Designer of the city of Philadelphia. 43 Timeline 1497 John Cabot sails along the eastern shores of Canada, giving England a claim to North America. 1513 Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León sights the North American continent and calls it La Florida. 1524 France sends Giovanni da Verrazano to explore the coastline of present-day Canada, establishing a French claim to North America. 1565 The oldest permanent European settlement in the United States is founded at St. Augustine, Florida. 1585-1587 Sir Walter Raleigh tries to colonize Roanoke Island in Virginia.

Html Show What You Know 1. Who was Ponce de Leon? 2. When did the Mayflower arrive in Plymouth? 3. Who were the Puritans? 4. What did Squanto teach the Pilgrims? 5. Who brought the first slave ship to the North American continent? 46 Glossary annex (AN-ex): to add territory by conquest or occupation asylum (uh-SYE-luhm): a place of shelter and protection charter (chahr-tuhr): a grant or guarantee from a state or country convict (KAHN-vikt): a person who has been found guilty of a crime emigration (im-uh-GRA-shuhn): the movement of a person or group away from a place or country frigate (FRI-git): a light boat driven by sails; a small warship horde (HORD): a crowd or swarm in earnest (in er-nuhst): having a determined and serious state of mind; sincere incriminate (in-krim-uh-NATE): to charge with a crime or show proof of involvement in a crime or fault intermediary (in-tuhr-MEE-dee-ary): a go-between or agent jury (juhr-ee): a body of persons sworn to give a verdict according to the evidence presented land grant (land GRANT): a transfer of land by the government to another party Parliament (pahr-lu-muhnt): the law-making body of government in England radical (rad-uh-kuhl): tending to extremes, for example in politics, desiring to make extreme changes in existing views or institutions Reformation (REH-for-may-shuhn): a major change in western Christianity that developed between the 14th and 17th centuries.

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