Coronets and Steel by Sherwood Smith

By Sherwood Smith

Aurelia Kim Murray is a California lady who needs there have been extra to lifestyles. and there's. For Kim is a part of a royal kin from a tiny jap eu nation, and shortly reveals herself swept up within the romance and secret she continually wanted-and extra, simply because there's whatever very assorted approximately her bloodline and the mystical nature of her ancestral state.

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He was not sure he believed it, not the way Lan had apparently meant it. In any case, even without the Amyrlin Seat, it was past time for him to be gone from Fal Dara. Shrugging into the coat he had kept out – it was a deep, dark green, and made him think of the forests at home, Tam’s Westwood farm where he had grown up, and the Waterwood where he had learned to swim – he buckled the heron-mark sword to his waist and hung his quiver, bristling with arrows, on the other side. His unstrung bow stood propped in the corner with Mat’s and 14 The Welcome Perrin’s, the stave two hands taller than he was.

It did not sound odd, her 17 THE GREAT HUNT calling him son or him calling her Mother, though comparing her smooth cheeks to his craggy face made him seem more like her father, or even grandfather. She had a presence that more than matched his. “House Jagad is yours. ” Cheers rose on every side, crashing against the walls of the keep like breaking waves. Shivering, Rand hurried toward the door to safety, careless of whom he bumped into now. Just your bloody imagination. She doesn’t even know who you are.

With a start, he realized that the Aes Sedai party was entering the city gates. The wind swirled up fiercely, chilling his sweat like droplets of ice, making the trumpets sound like sly laughter; he thought he could smell an opened grave, strong in the air. My grave, if I keep standing here. Grabbing his shirt, he scrambled down the ladder and began to run. 9 CHAPTER 2 The Welcome T he halls of Fal Dara keep, their smooth stone walls sparsely decorated with elegantly simple tapestries and painted screens, bustled with news of the Amyrlin Seat’s imminent arrival.

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