Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Vol. by George Ware

By George Ware

Reports of Environmental illness and Toxicology makes an attempt to offer concise, serious experiences of well timed advances, philosophy, and major parts of finished or wanted recreation within the overall box of xenobiotics in any section of our environment, in addition to toxicological implications.

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25 Reference Bolan et al. (1985) Rajan et al. (1974) Bolan et al. (1986) Sawhney (1974) Schalscha et al. (1974) Naidu et al. (1990) Rajan (1978) Curtin and Syers (1990) Bolan et al. (1999b) obtained a good relationship between the increase in negative charge resulting from H2PO−4 enrichment and the increase in Cd2+ adsorption. However, only a small fraction of the increased negative charge was occupied by Cd2+. In their study, when P was added as KH2PO4, 29% of the increase in negative charge due to H2PO−4 adsorption was evidently balanced by Cd2+ adsorption and the remaining 71% by K+ adsorption.

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